About Us

You would be happy to know that the team at Small Payday Loans Canada has been in the business of arranging loans for several years now.

In Canada we have a well established presence and are backed by a really strong team of reliable lenders. Together we are committed to providing borrowers from all walks of life with a stellar service.

Small Payday Loans Canada is equipped to take care of borrowers who have an urgent need for small loans. We do not make you struggle to get a small amount like a traditional lender would.

You will not be clueless about the status of your application for days together. Approvals have a turnaround time of just 24 hours and that is because you have very few criteria to meet. You need to be residing in Canada, have a bank account and also steady income.

We will then interact with you to further customize our loan services for you. We help you connect with the right lender by weighing several criteria that match with you and them.

We have the facility for you to apply online, saving you the trouble of running around to apply or meet officials. You will not even have to send faxes or submit paperwork to us. Once your loan is approved the money is directly wired to your bank account.

Your bank account is needed to also facilitate your loan repayments and so you need to have one.

It is important that the loan is repaid as that will lead to improvement in your credit rating. Please Contact Us now to clarify your doubts and get some clarity on our process and us.

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